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Here's to a Relaxing and Beautiful 2015

This week, in the  Somewhere Luxurious travel blog, I featured 8 places around the world with warm and highly inviting hot springs. People say that the hot springs are healthy for various reasons. The waters can make you look younger, make skin more elastic, heal skin irritations and...Read More »

YouTube Video: Babies in Cabbage Patch Land

This is one of my most favorite videos! I was actually driving around, half lost trying to get to a my destination for an interview, when I found this wonderful place. I just had to stop in on my way home.

...Read More »

YouTube Video: The Georgia Aquarium

Here is an example of one of my travel videos. This video captures the beauty of the Georgia Aquarium.  An article accompanying this video was published by b5media.

A Look at the Georgia Aquarium

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Page Optimization for a Luxury Travel Writer

Bellingrath Gardens

Occasionally, as a luxury travel writer, I get comments on photo attachment pages for my site, Somewhere Luxurious. I had been deleting the spam comments without a second thought, until I really thought about why people were commenting on those pages in the first place. The attachment pages contained only...Read More »

PR Advice From A Luxury Travel Writer


As a luxury travel writer, I often search for images and contacts in the hospitality industry. I also seek out public relations and marketing contacts to obtain the information that I need to illustrate articles, get the latest news, and fact check information. I am thrilled...Read More »

Looking Ahead

Mediterranean Valley in May by John

As I look ahead to the future, I like to consider all of the exciting destinations that I hope to visit and share with readers. I also took some time to reflect on some of the...Read More »

A Mountain Get-Away in Georgia (Video)

I visited a state park in Georgia and stayed in a cabin there. This was my first experience staying in a cabin, and it went better than I expected. I was a little nervous on the ride up to the park. It was pitch...Read More »