As a luxury travel writer, I often search for images and contacts in the hospitality industry. I also seek out public relations and marketing contacts to obtain the information that I need to illustrate articles, get the latest news, and fact check information. I am thrilled when I visit a resort’s website, and I find a link to the media contact person for luxury travel writers to connect. I usually visit the link presented on the page and connect with the listed person via an e-mail.

Improving Site To Increase Contacts

Typically, I get the information that I need within a day or so. When I can’t locate a PR contact, it usually takes me longer to gather whatever information I need for the article. There have been many occasions when I have visited sites for popular resorts and have easily located either a media room or a photo gallery, but have not been able to locate a contact person. There might be news releases on the site, but no contact information. This problem could be easily remedied by simply posting a contact name a phone number, and an e-mail address on the news releases that are posted online in the resorts’ online newsroom. Just be sure to list the person as a media contact, so that I and other travel writers will know whom to call. It’s also very helpful if the approved credit information or byline is attached to the images. This reduces the chances of a writer giving the wrong entity credit for the image. I prefer to send e-mails for my inquiries. Because most writers will ask for digital images, it’s smart to be prepared with a collection of pictures that represent a variety of genres like, family travel, business travel, and of course, luxury travel. If you have a specific promotion going on, have digital available to illustrate it.

I commonly receive photos via Dropbox and other sharing tools. I’m always grateful when a PR company sends my requested information before my deadline. Of course, whenever I can, I prefer to make onsite visits to conduct interviews, photos or to conduct research for resort and hotel reviews. Oh, and if you need to contact a luxury travel writer, you can e-mail me here.

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