Article Samples


My destination articles explore places, people in destinations and ideas related to destinations. These articles also help people travel safer and become wiser travelers.

Creative Loafing: More Than Paradise Heritage Trail Highlights St. Croix's Historic Sites
I wrote this article after participating in a press trip to St. Croix. The article was published in Atlanta's Creative Loafing.
Travel + Leisure, Southeast Asia: Solo Trip to Koh Lanta, Thailand
I visited Thailand intent on lying in the sun and doing as little as possible. In fact, I selected a destination in Thailand, far from the pulsing bar scene, trendy beach scene, and tourists traps. I envisioned going to an area in Thailand that was fairly deserted, but still with some of the conveniences of a tourist spot.
The New York Times, Neighborhood Report: Harlem; From a Striver's Row Home a Trove of Black History
While writing for The New York Times I visited Harlem and learned about Danny DeKind, a man who found an important component of black history while renovating his home.
The New York Times: Hair Wars Underground on 125th Street
Hair Wars Underground on 125th Streetis an article that I wrote in 1994 for "The New York Times". I wrote this article while on assignment in the feature's department in New York. I discovered this story while browsing through the streets with friends during my first few weeks in the city.

Food Articles

These articles describe eateries, from the posh to the down-home food joints.

10Best: Atlanta's Fresh to Revise Menu
This restaurant news article discusses a menu change at an eatery.
The Nile Guide: Do You Like Living Foods?
This article introduces a new restaurant to Atlanta that serves unique cuisine.


Although travel accommodations comprise of several different categories, my articles focus on hotels and resorts.

The Huffington Post: Gangnam Style Hotels in Seoul
Gangnam really isn't about a pulsating beat, or a well-suited dancing man surrounded by beautiful female dancers. Translated into English, Gangnam means south of the river, and to those who live and visit there, Gangnam in South Korea is associated with wealth, luxury and power.
Conde Nast, Hotel Chatter: Horses Go to Rehab at New Mexico's Tamaya Resort
New Mexico'sHyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa near Albuquerque is giving a new meaning to the phrase, working vacation. A special resort package offers up chance to send guests to rehab. But this rehab isn't reality TV material or for humans, it aids neglected horses.
Conde Nast, Hotel Chatter: It's (Always) Chill Time at Trump's Bella Beach
The folks at the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach added a dining experience Bella Beach for people like us -- people who like to lounge a lot and nibble a lot and want to do it year-round.
Conde Nast, Hotel Chatter: Count Real Sheep at the Planned Balmoral Court Hotel and Spa
This article discusses the plans for luxury cottages in Georgia.

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